This version contains mature and sensitive content.


You are standing in front of a huge mansion.

A cold shiver runs down your spine as you follow the mysterious maid into the creepy-looking mansion.

This is it. You mustn't look back.

This is your only chance to escape your life as a shut-in.

Your only chance to reclaim your ''existence''.

Your only chance to prove your worth.

So close your eyes, take a deep breath, and face whatever madness awaits you inside.


  • Unique storyline with SCP-inspired lore
  • 42,000+ words of content!
  • Passionately designed characters
  • Immersive atmosphere
  • Interactive map system
  • Full-panel illustrations
  • Progress achievements
  • (NSFW) Animated scenes
  • Suspense, horror, thriller


Expect more of the story soon.


All characters are fictional and 18+ years old.

Our game doesn't include any illegal or forbidden content according to's terms of service.


Please consider supporting us on Patreon so
we can work faster for the game!


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars
(145 total ratings)
AuthorsStrange Girl, Fouzi
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withGodot
TagsAdult, Anime, Cute, Erotic, Gore, Hentai, Horror, NSFW, Psychological Horror
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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hello game looks great but after i talk with the mistress whenever i try and explore alot of the rooms the game crashes. any tips?


the game keeps crashing. is it stupid?

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Dont know how to progress through the game after 2 scenes full download though

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How do I progress? I've got the first 2 sex scenes (Charlotte and the maid, and the weird girl with the teddy) and found the book in my room, now what do I do? I might've sequence broke (is that possible?)

On mobile btw, full game version

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Saving and loading is extremely buggy, sometimes loading a save will take you right back to the beginning of the game. Saves seem to get overwritten constantly, you can load a save and it's several moments or scenes on from when you actually saved it. Day 1 loading saves (Besides, maybe, slot 1) might completely break events like going to Dana's room resulting in you getting soft-locked. Pretty serious bugs and this is all on the ++ version I'm playing. Also there's no gallery in game. You have to save and reload if you want to replay certain scenes, which as mentioned is completely broken. 

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Somehow i can't enter anything after the talk with charlotte without crashing the game. Anyone knows how to solve this? If it matters its the free version.


Why can't I save it? When reading the archive, it will always return to the beginning




quick question, what is the + version? is the free version a demo?

From what I understood, the free version is a demo, the full version has the story from start to where it goes so far, with porn, and the deluxe version is identical to the full game but with triple the porn for triple the cost. You can draw sex scene yourself and use the extra $15 to buy beer and more pencils, especially when you can find hentai for free online. On this page it says the story isn't completed but I think future updates are free when you buy the game.


I sure hope Miss Piggy doesn't find out i'm into lesbians, my forsaken homosexuality is unlocking...

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I never posted this here but why not. this game took my innocence. yes I have multiple parts because I like pain. enjoy...?  (the game actually has a story so far 7/10)

I can't even download the game. Tried 4 times now and just as it's finishing up it just disappears from my downloads (android) sucks cause the game looks so good ;-;

is there Russian or Ukrainian language in the game? If not, will there be?
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Do saves transfer across versions? I've been wanting to get + but I don't want to restart from the beginning.


you ever gonna add non paypal options to pay?




The game starts without errors, but fails to progress to most of the rooms on the interactive map, preventing you from continuing with the story.
The game has the same bug in the demo.

Show post...

The game works fine for me ( I have the paid version)

This problem seems to be in the free demo version only


Yeah also having lots of crashes clicking rooms in the demo. Had it happen on PC so I tired the Android version and crashed clicking both Changing Room and Library before I just gave up and uninstalled.


I can confirm the ++ version is working without problems.

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It's me or at the beginning some places doesn't load and then i can't move?


Is this game available on Patreon?



Is there going to be any futa?


I hope not. Or at least, that it would only be optional. Not everyone is into that shit. There's like a million futa games out there, for you to choose from. Can you please leave the games geared towards heterosexual people alone?

It's like, we can't ever have a game for straight dudes, without someone asking "is there gonna be any futa".




Someone's insecure.


nice gaslight attempt, real weirdo get a life


Imagine not liking futa
Cry more nerd


you are definitely single with a brain like that lol 


nope, poly with three wonderful partners that i cherish :3


*mentally ill surrounded by retards



what is the difference between normal + and ++


Pattern screamers+ is the standard version ( standard amount of NSFW scenes )

Pattern screamers ++ is the deluxe Version ( triple the amount of NSFW scenes )

Now do you get that through Patreon only? I am curious about this game but due to constant crashes I don't think I'll buy it until it's fully released, does the dev only use paypal for payment on Patreon as well? 

IS this like an actual scary game I enjoy scary games and dont mind the NSFW stuff ofc :)

You mean horror game?



I'm prettt sure there's the sfw version of this game


How do I purchase the full Game?


Hi, i was wondering whats the diffrence between + version and ++ version?

If you pay $10 for the + version, will you then be able to buy the ++ version by paying another $15, or would you have pay the full $25 to get it even though you've already paid $10? 

I ask because I'm interested in the ++ version but I'd rather start with the + version to make sure I actually like the game before going for the more expensive option.


Sadly I don't think itch allow this .

Each payement will be considered as a separate payment.


I see 3 versions here, and have no idea what the differences between them are. An explanation on the version differences would be nice, if for no other than helping people decide what version they want.

going by the file sizes the pricier versions have more content or grant access to things the cheaper ones don't.


Pattern screamers+ is the standard version ( standard amount of NSFW scenes )

Pattern screamers ++ is the deluxe Version ( triple the amount of NSFW scenes + exclusive new character)



Chat is this real?

Scissors Bruh


Will this game be released on Steam? Also, is there an option to turn off NSFW in this game?

theres an sfw version thats also cheaper


Can you please let people pay by debit card as some people probably want to buy the game but they can't as its PayPal only


Is the free version a demo or public version of the game with late release of update?

I thought that's how it was gonna be, but no, it's just a demo, bro is making fat cash with his games, he could do the whole "late release date thing/pay and get an early release" kinda thing, but he didn't, which is understandable.

Is it going to get a gallery?


I think there is a bug at the laundry room every time I try to go in it the game crashes


Make sure you downloaded the + or the ++ version .


the illusionist achievement was crazy

why cant i delete the PS_window.exe, it keeps saying that the file is opened in PS_window.exe so I cant delete it.

Try restarting your PC.



What is the difference between "+" and "++"?

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Pattern screamers+ is the standard version ( standard amount of NSFW scenes )

Pattern screamers ++ is the deluxe Version ( triple the amount of NSFW scenes + exclusive new character)

My game crashes on Android whenever I try to load a saved game. Is this a bug or should we start a new game with this update?


please add Russian .


Will this game have multiple endings or just the 1 ending? Just asking out of curiosity. Love the game so far, keep up the good work!


A lot of endings


omg yes!!


This wasn't an SCP reference :(

It is

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