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so audio where?


The links to download don't work


wdym it works fine


when is the full version going to be released?


Thought the homeless person in pink clothing with their belly exposed was a girl. Boy was I mistaken.


I fell for it too : c


Making people pay with their body then getting upset about it. smh


This game is probably dead.

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idk if it's a bug but after i've done my "things" i started playing the game cuz it was actually fun and i noticed that NPC loose their names when they tell it to you and then come back

Ecit: they also change names (Vox -> Dox) (nvm i'm just dumb and i forgot his name)


I really like this game, really hope we get more soon!


Why does it matter that we remember the characters on their return visits?


I like to think we still come out ahead when we accept the FUN payments, because we don't have to pay a prostitute/girlfriend. But at some point, what's the difference?

What does the dial do? And remind me when the animations are in.


Has this been abandoned? There hasn't been an update or any new content or added since last year... 😕It's almost April now... Time for "Spring cleaning..." you know?... 

hi creator of the naughty-laundry game, could you put simulation in the game because it will be even better than the mobile look can be?

Is there any new updates? Because I played it early, the people just said the same thing.


Huh. Neat.


The game can't progress past the circular loading screen for me. How do I fix this issue?




roblox game chaos washers but hentai fr fr


zoe is best


ok umm i pressed play now what


update pls i like this gam :(

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Mini-guide here for anyone wondering about the scenes - a lot of people were asking but didn't see a response with a complete answer. Spoilers warning, I guess.

I counted 7 different characters with scenes (6 female, 1 non-binary). You can tell they have a scene if they are dirty when they come in and are not that one male character who is always dirty. Some characters seem to have names if you talk to them, but since they seem to change sometimes I'll go by hair color.  The characters are:

  1. Blonde hair w/ green eyes
  2. Blue hair with hairband
  3. Blue/pink hair
  4. Pinkish hair (white in scenes) (non-binary)
  5. Brown hair w/ glasses
  6. Dark blue hair
  7. Red hair

There are 4 scenes for each character (28 total) - they are the same for each, just with a different character in them. Scenes refer to full-screen art - there are some additional animations for each character (getting into washer, in the washer, facial expressions). To get all scenes, you need to encounter each character at least 3 times, since you can get scene 1 and either 2 or 3 each time you run into them. There is no need to worry about gameplay, since it isn't implemented - just skip the other characters until you get the one you need. The scenes are:

  1. Offer to wash the character, then cancel the machine after starting it. Offer to wash them yourself ("let me clean you" or "it'll be softer").
  2. After washing the character (either yourself or in the machine) ask for payment ("I need payment"). When they offer "alternative payment", accept ("certainly").
  3. After washing the character (either yourself or in the machine) ask for payment ("I need payment"). When they offer "alternative payment", ask for money again ("I need money"). When they offer to work, accept ("deal!").
  4. After starting the washer with a character inside, wait until the timer hits 200, then stop the washer. When they ask why you didn't stop, answer "I don't know", then accept their offer.

That should do it.


Thanks for the guide but sadly this game isn't like getting its update

can we do anything happening with the police officers?


Don't think so, no. 

180 is enough. 3 full ingame hours.


Does this game have a save feature? I cant pause the game and the only on screen prompt takes me to the main menu, and when I do that "Continue" stays blacked out and I have to start a new game again. Also "Settings" is always blacked out for some reason.

Man will this have an update? 

It would be so good though


The play in browser doesn't work, loading screen staying forever lol


I've found it works in Chrome, but is broken in Firefox.  :(


How do you save?

Nvm, found out by just directly quitting


i like this gam


gotta say, im loving the absurdity of this game. I have to say my favorite characters are Zoe, your own insert, the police lady
(I wonder if there are any special scenes with her,

 the lady demetresque (tall lady, again, are there any scenes with the non homeless

 that get laundry done?)

but also, how do you save your progress?

all of your games are 10/10


the real origin of the tall lady is the legend of "Hasshaku-sama"(or also known as"hachishakusama"). that's where they got the idea for Lady Dimitrescu in resident evil.


This premise sounds dumb I'm interested


So one quick question, how do i unlock the NSFW scenes im having trouble with it

If someone would be kind to give me some Tips that would be a thanks

Anyway the game is good though looking forward for more updates


When a completely dirty woman comes in let let her use the washing machine. You can cancel the wash early and "wash her yourself (static image)". After they're done, you demand money and you'll play with them (static image). I couldn't find any other NSFW stuff.


After either washing the girls yourself or cleaning the using the machine, demand money and then when they offer to let you feel them up, tell them you still need money for a scene. 

You can also bang the dirty people by letting the washer timer hit 200, and then selecting "I don't know" when they ask why you didn't stop the washer.


This is... Barely a game.

Yes there's interactive parts but there is no reason to chase the horny besides "horny".

Hiring the girls doesn't do anything, and even though they fully offer themselves to the player, the PC seems to actively choose lighter actions.

Didn't play with sound on so I can't comment there, but Continue doesn't work, and the settings are inaccessible.

I might give this a pass of the sex we're atleast somewhat interactive or even animated, but as is this "game" is literally just "dismiss any dirty female you come across, and just do people's laundry."


the game is alright, but it would be great to have some animations, or something more interactive.


is it just me or is the game stuck in the loading screen for anyone else?


Me too, is it a browser-only issue?

Don't worry bout my user name either


didn't work for me...

So plz fix that

vc poderia colocar animaçao de sexo


this has potential

Could you add a pause button or feature?  It would be greatly appreciated.

More the day time needs to pause while text is appearing. Let alone while all you're doing is clicking to progress text.


So,Ccan you make the Chinese version(其实我是中国人)











I love the little Todoroki Easter egg. The game itself is really nice! Wish the hired girls actually did something though


Kept playing the game and there was a character that seems to be based of Yuri on ice? Can't help but mention it after seeing the first Easter egg www

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