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Isn't Mirall in the field scene like 7 years old and 100 percent not f***able? She looks totally different than in the original game

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we play as girl or boy

"You play as a strangely unnamed 18-year-old guy..."

is there russian or ukrainian language in the game? If not, will there be?

These languages must be present, let's check


Is this game somehow connected to Observer


no... butterfly is an extremely common word used in the phenomena of time travel where one action has a huge ass effect. Hence Jack was nicknamed butterfly cause we are an "anomaly" that caused a great calamity.

In short... yes, reading peoples minds can cause butterfly effects. So thats why this is called butterfly aswell.


If you mean the game released by Fouzi, than yes. The original Butterfly comes from the Happiness series. He is one of the most important characters in the games.  This game is a remaster of his origin.
So basically, the Zero, the Butterfly and the CC you see in this game, are the same from the game Observer.


good work keep it up!